Selling your property

Two things matter above all when you are selling your home in Ealing. Firstly, that you achieve the best possible price for it. And secondly, that the process runs smoothly. In a busy world the last thing you need is a difficult move. So We do all we can to meet both of them.

Accurate, expert valuations for better results

Prevailing market conditions are crucial, but we also look to understand why your home is so special, and see the appeal it will hold for particular buyers.We arrive at a figure that reflects not just the market, but the market for your home in particular. No over valuing and languishing on the market, and no low valuations for the sake of our turnover.

On average we achieve over 99.6% sale price compared to the valuation we provided. So we know we’re nearly always right and our valuations are very accurate.

Beautiful, highly effective marketing with reach

Exquisite photography, clean, attractive design, carefully chosen words: online and in print the marketing we produce for your home will be world-class. Our digital abilities will ensure that it’s visible to the world.

Professional, properly motivated people

Imagination, determination and a love for property – three things all our people have plenty of. They’ll put each of them to work and not rest until you get the best possible result.
And because we know that people not technology sell homes, every viewing is carried out by a professional.
The team have over 100 years combined experience in dealing with property in Ealing. That’s a good few thousand successful transactions. We know the stock and we know how the market ticks.